Sector Change and Industry Innovation

The opportunity: we recognise that many organisations need to adapt to and exploit, frequently changing operating and business environments and factor uncertainty into decision taking.

We believe meaningful change requires an ability to understand the complexity of the whole, to have a clear vision of a desired outcome while bringing clarity of focus to enable action within established enterprise boundaries and remits. Institutional development, government reform and creating partnerships for co-operation and change are increasingly important.

Our experience: we have extensive experience in building partnerships for change, challenging norms and delivering globally significant sector initiatives.

What we do: we work principally with industry innovators, donor agencies and the public sector to build early stage demonstration proof of concept pilots that can be scales. Examples include national energy efficiency programmes in China, Airport Carbon Accreditation Scheme covering 40% global airport traffic, and a national Embellishment Programme for the Government of Malta.

Peter has really helped shape our sustainability property strategy in the Russian Federation, leading to international recognition as the first GRESB entity from the Russian Federation, achieving the highest ranking of 'Green Star'. We look forward to working with Peter on our InSite growth strategy

David Simons, Managing Director,
Radius Russia
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Airport Carbon Accreditation, ACI Europe

While at WSP, Peter initiated, designed and led the development of the European Airports Federation's Airport Carbon Accreditation Scheme, currently covering over 55% of European airport traffic and now a global scheme in partnership with World ACI, covering 28% of global airport traffic. The scheme is an industry led initiative to demonstrate responsiveness to regulators and customers on carbon responsibility at airports.
Scheme endorsed by WWF, UNEP, EuroControl, ECAC, ACI.

Until now, there hasn't been a common framework for mapping and reducing carbon emissions on the airport site... For ACI EUROPE, today is the culmination of two years of hard work. This is about collectively engaging the European airport community to play its part in addressing the impact of aviation on climate change.

Olivier Jancovec,
DG ACI-Europe
What we do

Industry Change Innovation Programmes

We work with a range of globally leading organisations on breakthrough innovation and business growth strategies, frequently shaping proof of concept pilot projects, articulating the strategic case for change and building stakeholder engagement for implementation. Examples include:

Future Cities Pilot, Global Manufacturer
Peter led the development of a cities market platform as part of a wider 2030 construction strategy for a globally leading manufacturing organisation.

Urban Factories Programme
Developed and led a programme design for urban factories for a globally leading manufacture targeting high value manufacturing in city core regions

Green Property Transformation Strategy, for a Global Home Improvement Retail Group
Lead role in a sustainable store programme across ten countries, including guidance and performance assessment methodologies, impacts and benefits analysis and guidance manuals and tool-kits and staff engagement programmes.

What we do
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Industrial + Logistics Property

We have experience of working with a number of globally leading organisations in developing green property plans and strategies and stakeholder communications for advanced warehousing and logistics centres and has extensive experience on developing sustainability property strategies for retail. Project experience includes:

Excellent... we got what we needed, Sustainability is part of our core Business agenda going forward

Simon Cox
VP, Sustainability Officer, Prologis
What we do

Project examples have been delivered by Fhoras or as part of other project teams in Short Ford Associates, WSP or Deloitte.

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