Delivering Strategy

Our mission is to help leaders to re-invent growth and deliver the practical solutions that make a difference.

Using strategic design principles to re-invent the way we plan for growth, we are driven by the challenge of helping government and leaders develop and deliver solutions that make a lasting difference.

We work directly with clients on select commissions or as part of larger delivery teams and consortia, providing niche strategy and advisory services in sustainability consulting, programme design and project delivery.

As we envisage a world of 9 billion people we need to better understand the role our cities play in a complex integrated system and be able to make them both more competitive and resilient to the disruptive changes we face — this we can achieve. But to do so we need to shift our focus beyond improving the efficiency of what is, to re-thinking what could be.

Professor Peter Sharratt,
Founder and Principle Director, Fhoras Associates


  • Sustainable Cities + Infrastructure
  • People + Places
  • Strategic Planning + Project Facilitation
  • Sector Change + Industry Innovation Programmes
  • Knowledge Exchange Partnerships


  • Strategy + Analysis
  • Project Origination + Definition
  • Strategic + Outline Business case
  • Programme Design + Implementation Planning
  • Stakeholder Engagement + Communication

Global Experience

  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Jordan
  • North America
  • Europe: UK, Ireland, Russian Federation, Poland, Malta, France
  • Africa: SA, Ethiopia, Ghana, Morocco
  • Australia
  • Maui