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The opportunity: re-thinking old problems to create new opportunities in our experience, requires new approaches to collaboration, co-creation and applied research between academia, business, government and society - something that organisations with rigid boundaries and structures can find hard to do.

Our experience: we have a proven track record at building knowledge, leveraging our relationships, catalysing change and helping to commercialise innovation.

What we do: we are not afraid to challenge the norms and actively invest in relationships to promote insights, knowledge sharing and solutions delivery — in short to help leaders re-invent growth.

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Building Sense Now

Founding member of Building Sense Now, an action focused group comprising leaders from the Germany and Spanish Green Building Councils, the IFC and practitioners from around the world aimed at accelerating a shift towards climate resilient and sustainable building design.

As the world continues to urbanise, as shifts in climate and extreme weather events become more 'normal' and as we learn more about the complexity of the challenges that lie ahead; designers and problem solvers have a growing role to play in coming up with the solutions that will make a difference and help re-invent zero carbon growth in a changing world.

For me it is about leadership and the ability to operate beyond our traditional professional and sectoral boundaries - this is why I am committed to Building Sense Now global initiative

Professor Peter Sharratt,
Building Sense Now
what we do
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Mediterranean Tourism Foundation

Working with the Mediterranean Tourism Foundation in collaboration with the UNWTO, Government and Industry partners to develop tourism as a vehicle for peace, economic + social development in Europe, the Mediterranean region.

Initiatives include:

What we do
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National Demonstration Programmes

We act as special advisor to a range of government led initiatives on national change programmes including:

Building Energy Efficiency Demonstration Programme, PRC
Special Advisor on adaptive and intelligent low energy systems to China's first national Green Building Technology demonstration programme with the Shanghai Research Institute of Building Science (SRIBS), subsequently developed as a national programme.

National De-carbonization Plan, SITRA, Helsinki
Advisor to SITRA's Low to No carbon transformation programmes designed to improve Finland's national competitiveness through an integrated systems design approach to public and private sector growth.

Solutions ecosystem

Project examples have been delivered by Fhoras or as part of other project teams in Short Ford Associates, WSP or Deloitte.

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