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The opportunity: building related construction is one of the largest sectors in the world, comprising 49% of total global construction value of $17 trillion. According to UNEP's 2017 Global Status Report, worldwide, buildings account for some 36% of final energy use and some 39% global green house gas emissions. (Source: UNEP's 2017 Global Status Report with IEA and GABC).

Hardening legislation together with market shifts towards high performance buildings are seeing building users view property as a key tool of business, improving operational effectiveness and user satisfaction, or as part corporate branding and communications or simply as a better long term investment.

It is about more than buildings, the quality of our public spaces and how we experience them creates enduring value.

Our experience: spans internationally award winning transportation, education, residential, logistics, manufacture and cultural facilities

What we do: we work principally with Head of Estates, Finance Directors, Chief Sustainability Officers and Ops Directors, end user clients and investors to develop sustainability focused strategies for existing portfolios, new developments and the embellishment of the public realm.

Image of riverside town in Malta

National Embellishment Programme, Malta

With the Mediterranean Tourism Foundation, Peter leading the design and development of Malta's national tourism infrastructure smart embellishment programme, demonstration project masterplan for the public spaces in Paceville, St Julian's in Valetta, Malta.
Endorsed by the UN World Tourism Organisation and delivered for the Ministry of Tourism, Malta.

We are very pleased to have Peter as a special advisor to the Mediterranean Tourism Foundation , his commitment, skills and insights are helping us shape the future of tourism in the Mediterranean region, building new partnerships between governments, the private sector and the industry. He has been at the centre of our Embellishment Programme that focuses on transforming our public spaces and enhancing our cultural and historic assets.

Andrew Muscat, Secretary General of the MTF
What we do
Image of the Shard in London

Stakeholder Engagement + Communications

Extensive experience in complex stakeholder engagement and consultations including: Ministry level engagement in Ghana, South Africa, Ethiopia, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Malta. Finland, Sweden.
Advisor the RSA's recent City Growth Commission on new and inclusive urban growth models for the UK, including smart growth and technology.

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What we do
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Wider Economic Benefit + Value of Place

We are actively engaged in a new and emerging value propositions through collaborations and research including for example:

Investment: With Rudolf Wolff, AIT and CWIF, developing new approaches to de-risking infrastructure investment and creating wider economic benefit through LVC, transport orientated development, PIM and monitoring + evaluation processes, local manufacture and citizen engagement, together with climate risk and resilience management.

New City Partnership Models: Engagement on new co-operation models between public and private sector, based optimising development value to creating and sharing social value.

New Economic Geography Approach Models localised infrastructure Impact market potential income, land value, employment and population 1 Macro-economicApproach 2 Micro-economicApproach 3

What we do

Project examples have been delivered by Fhoras or as part of other project teams in Short Ford Associates, WSP or Deloitte.

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